International Trainer in Intercultural Competence for International Business Communications

Maria Todosiychuk

International Trainer in Intercultural Competence for International Business Communications

Based in Moscow, Russia, available worldwide.

  • Associate Trainer at ECOPSY Consulting (Moscow, Russia)
  • Licensed Partner for Richard Lewis Communications (UK)
  • SIETAR Russia Member (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research)
  • Intercultural Intelligence Game Designer and Edutainment Expert
  • Guest Trainer in Intercultural Competence at Russia's prominent business schools
  • International conferences and congresses presenter
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  • 1More than 15 years of business communications as well as training experience with people from all over the world.
  • 2Top-class international education in intercultural communications and game creation
  • 3Interactive training: edutainment, game, simulations, assessment. I make sure you get an exciting learning experience!
Intercultural Intelligence for International Businesses

Corporate training for international business leaders - Doing business and negotiating in the global context

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Doing business with Russians

Corporate training for international clients starting or willing to improve their interactions with a Russian business partner

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Edutainment and Gamification in Intercultural Education

Training for intercultural communications trainers, consultants and facilitators who would like to enhance their work with interactive teaching tools.

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Intercultural Minefield Game Online

Educational online game about the role of intercultural intelligence in business and its relation to the bottom line.

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Gamification coaching

Coaching for game creators who think of designing an educational game and do not know how to do it or would like to do it as a very thoughtful learning instrument. Contact Maria for details.

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Intercultural Intelligence Games

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