Diversity Space Meeting NEW

Diversity Space Meeting is a brand-new game on diversity and inclusion. It is a board game that can be played both offline and online. 

Coming soon!

The game setting is the Universe where players are invited to become aliens from different planets. They are going to take steps towards each other by learning about each other and by discovering other planets’ cultures. They will be solving different tasks, answering questions, find out skeletons in closets, contact other aliens, reveal emotions and unlock culture codes. At the end of the game they all will meet by the Sun, feeling close and warm together. They are different, but the Sun is for everyone! 

Diversity Space Meeting is a way to raise inclusivity in a diverse community of any kind in a fun and effective way. It suits well international teams, GVTs, diverse classes, migrant-plus-local mix, etc.

Unlike the other of my games, this one does not require a professional interculturalist to facilitate it. The offline version can be played by a group of up to 6 people without a facilitator at all, just like any board game.

However, the online version would require an organiser to technically conduct and facilitate it. No special intercultural knowledge is required.

First 10 buyers get a cosmic discount!!

This game is about to be finalised and produced. Should you be interested in playing it with your team or buy it, please send me a message to let me know about your interest. I will notify you about the release as soon as it happens!