Saying NO Across Cultures

Just Don’t Say NO is a part of the Saying NO Across Cultures activity being an exerciser for intercultural communication style adaptability 

As we know, communication styles differ across cultures. The same ideas can be conveyed and perceived in different ways. Knowing how to encode and decode a message based on understanding your foreign partner’s mentality is the key to successful international cooperation. 

Refusal is one of the most sensitive communication units. The Just Don’t Say NO game illustrates how dramatically different are the ways people say NO in different cultures, and teaches a whole range of means of expressing refusals and disagreements allowing participants to choose the most adequate style of communication for various contexts in different parts of the world.   

Just Don’t Say NO game trains the ability to:

  • understand and accept refusal encoded differently across cultures
  • choose the most adequate communication strategy for different cultures when they need to deny, refuse or disagree
  • maintain and enhance mutual understanding and atmosphere in relations with partners from different business-cultures. 

The full set includes:

  • 20 challenge cases 
  • Communication style builder (a .doc file with refusal technics for a facilitator to print as a hand out or to insert into their presentation)

How it is played:

A) For a monocultural group

  • Each player picks a challenge card with a case in which they need to refuse to do something.
  • Looking at the communication style builder the participant has to develop refusal strategies appropriate in different cultures starting from simple direct refusals for the Western cultures finishing with the most deliberate ones for the Asian cultures.
  • After several iterations a new skill of communicational adaptability is pretty well trained.

B) For a multicultural group

  • Each player picks a challenge card with a case in which they need to refuse to do something, and produces a refusal that would be typical in their culture along with some explanation why it would be so.
  • After hearing a variety of refusals from different cultures, the group reflect on it and share their insights

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