Interested in designing a game with Maria’s support or in collaborating with her? Or would you like to have Maria design a tailor-made educational game based on your ideas and teaching objectives? You are welcome to benefit from one of the three options available:

Based on her own experience of designing educational games, Maria provides coaching and consulting support for private clients who would like to design their own games. It costs 50 euro per hour, takes at least 3 sessions or more depending on a client’s needs.

Maria’s role is to support you, ask you questions and give you advice that make you come up with a shape of a game for your ideas.

Your role is to do the whole work yourself including hiring a graphic designer and production contractor. You will be provided with a piece of advice on that too.

The final product is totally yours with possibly only mentioning that it is inspired by having been coached by Maria. You promote it, sell it and get all of the profit yourself. Maria will provide you with tips on that as well! 

If you do not have time to design an educational game of your dream, you can have it designed by Maria Todosiychuk. You share your objectives, ideas and your image of the result. Maria puts all her expertise and creative energy into making a game of your dream.

To make it clear from the very beginning, you do not influence the creative process, and the game remains Maria’s intellectual property with credentials about you as a source of inspiration.

You will have to buy it just like any other of Maria’s games, but you may be sure you will get it at a super nice discount! 

You can also negotiate buying the ownership of the game, if you really love it and want to be the owner.

The game design chemistry may take something between 3 weeks and 3 months, depending on the product complexity. 

Educational Game Design Chemistry by Maria Todosiychuk

Should you really want it this way, you can have Maria collaborate with you on creating an educational game, which assumes that both of you put equal efforts and money into making this product appear.

The product becomes a mutual property with all the credentials and profits to both authors.

You do not pay for coaching, and you have Maria co-working on the game with you. This also means shared efforts to promote and sell the game. 

Start from talking to Maria about your ideas!