Intercultural Minefield, originally a tabletop game now available online, is a game that invites players to become global start-uppers with a start-up budget of 1.000.000 eurics.  As they “walk across” the intercultural “minefield”, they will make money by either being culturally agile or by just being lucky, otherwise they run a risk of being “blown up” by a “cultural mine”… Unless there is an “intercultural consultant” around! Players can earn big money, they can lose everything or even run into debt. 

The learning outcome of the game is un all-round familiarity with the field of intercultural business communications, based on the ample examples of real-life cases and situations that may happen in different cultures.

This game is perfect for all kinds of Intercultural Educators to run for Business students as well as for high-school and university students.

Available in English, French and German

Please see the original game detailed description here and testimonials below

The Virtual Facilitator Package include:

Price: 125 euro
  1. full set of materials for the online version
  2. Technical and Virtual Facilitator guidelines
  3. unlimited author’s support until you are confident with running it
  4. 125-euro discount for the off-line set if purchased later (shippable worldwide).

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A Demo Play Session - Online

Free of Charge
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  1. 2-hour play session with a debrief (in a small group)
  2. fun and your intercultural intelligence raised

Nearest sessions

June 30, 2020 at  13.00 CEST

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Technical requirements:
  • Zoom
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Insightful game, extremely well designed to simulate life in an international context. A must for international project managers, business leaders and world citizens. Well done and thank you Maria !
Abhinav Agarwal
Frugal Company
This game is a “real life experience” reminding us that to be successful in international business, we must know about other cultures.
Zorana Jerinic
University Côte d’Azur
This game allows us to see different angles of the learning process in the intercultural field, as well as risks that are sometimes taken unwittingly. Thank you for the opportunity to discover this, Maria.
Vera Mihailovich-Dickman​​
Université Paris-Saclay​
I did enjoyed the online game session a lot, as well as our group activity and to be able to learn and discuss cultural differences. I left this session with valuable insights. Thank you Maria
Diana Suleymanova
WeWell Consulting
The Intercultural Minefield game is a crafty , clever and beautifully designed intercultural game which can bring quite a lot of fun and colour to your online intercultural training sessions. When stepping on the mines, the players will realise in a playful way that, while there are possible ways of dealing with tricky situations in international business encounters, most of the times there is not just one possible way of handling them. And, last but not least, the game will show the participants that, even when wé are culturally competent,, cultural incidents can still occur at all times when we don’t watch out or least expect it.
Grazia Ghellini
Intercultural Trainer