Game Design Chemistry

Still feel excited after the SIETAR Italia Virtual Gamification Week 2020 hosted by Maria Mihaela Barbieru, where a brilliant team of George Simons, Grazia Ghellini, Joanna Sell and myself presented tons of useful and unique materials on the topic.

It had been supposed to be a 2-day training on intercultural gamification and storytelling in Milan that we had been preparing for a long time. Although it became impossible because of the global lockdown, we couldn’t leave edutainment lovers without a solution. Over 200 intercultural practitioners, trainers, facilitators and language teachers from all over the world attended our sessions keeping their attention and staying involved over the 4 intensive sessions.

It was a super cool event, intensely full of the most relevant content for teaching/training professionals who seek to use edutainment and gamification in their work. George Simons presented on the gamification trends and «pumped» us up with all kinds of game mechanics and types of games used in education. Grazia Ghellini carried us away with her online inclusion and emotional intelligence games. Joanna Sell hypnotised us with stories and storytelling principles. 

My role was to share my Game Design Technology which I developed based on my own experience of creating educational games. Immediately after that I got an idea that I can help other educators create their own games. So I introduced a new service of Game Design Coaching. I will support you though my game design technology, give you some useful game chemistry tips and coach you on some hard questions, so that you will finally have your own educational game.

Take a look at our video memory of how it was!