Cross-Cultural Contextual Cubes

Cross-Cultural Consciousness Cubes is a kit of 4 cubes with roles and actions that invite players to train their ability to express ideas in a number of styles that can be adequate and appropriate in different cultures. The combinations that make more than 100 intercultural cases randomy make the game vivid, true to life and touching the essential cross-cultural  hot-buttons. 


The Cross-Cultural Consciousness Cubes game is good to:

  • train various styles of communication applicable in different cultural societies. 
  • be played at the end of any Intercultural Communication Programme
  • be used as a gamified final test that will show how well the participants learnt the science

How it is played

For playing you need three cubes: Role 1, Action and Role 2 (the fourth one – the other Action cube – is an extension item to the number of actions). Firstly, a player throws two of the cubes (Role 1 and Action), gets a combination of a cultural role and an action, which invites a player to get into the Role 1 and make an action from this role in the manner that can be appropriate for the culture of Role 1.

Then the player throws the third cube – Role 2 – and has to adjust their utterance in accordance with the Role 2 culture.

For example, the following combination may occur: 

Role 1 – German Head of representative office

Action – is disagreeing about the marketing strategy with

The player has to reproduce the way of disagreeing appropriate to the Role 1 culture

Then the player throws the third cube and gets:

Role 2 – Japanese President of Company 

So the full task goes like this: A German Head of is disagreeing about the marketing strategy with a Japanese President of Company.

The player adapts their action to the manner that could be appropriate for the Role 2 culture.

The number of combinations is impressive. And you can also use an extension cube to have even more possible variations. 

Your Cross-Cultural Consciousness Cubes are produced upon order. They are available in English for international buyers for out-of-Russia use only. Other language versions of the game can be created upon request.


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