Intercultural Minefield

Intercultural Minefield is a game that invites players to become global start-uppers with a start-up budget of 1.000.000 eurics.  As they “walk across” the intercultural “minefield”, they will make money by either being culturally agile or by just being lucky, otherwise they run a risk of being “blown up” by a “cultural mine”… Unless there is an “intercultural consultant” around! Players can earn big money, they can lose everything or even run into debt.

The learning outcome of the game is un all-round familiarity with the field of intercultural business communications, based on the ample examples of real-life cases and situations that may happen in different cultures.

This game is perfect for all kinds of Intercultural Educators to run for Business students as well as for high-school and university students.

The game can fabulously serve both as a teaching tool and as a selling point for a client you would like to persuade to buy your training. You’ll pay it back really fast! 

Available in English and in French, in offline and in online versions.

Intercultural Minefield is good to:

  • let students feel how painful it is to lose time and money because of cultural blunders
  • make them realize it does not require much investment to study intercultural competence
  • find out that relying on just luck is not a good strategy in international business
  • to be used as a selling point when you negotiate to sell your training to a corporate company (just play it with the decision maker!)
  • to be used at any kind of presentations of your services
  • it is still perfect to be used at an intercultural training as well!

What’s in the box:

Beautifully designed set of materials, intended for a group of 6-12 players, includes:

  • A canvas playfield
  • 20 cultural mines
  • 10 intercultural luck cards
  • 10 intercultural trouble cards
  • 10 consultant cards
  • Playing money, a dice and 6 markers
  • A guideline and tips for the facilitator on how to conduct and debrief

Your Intercultural Minefield game is produced upon order. It is available in English and French for international buyers for out-of-Russia use only. Other language versions of the game can be created upon request.

Price: 250 euro

Special price: 225 euro is valid for this game when you purchase three different games in one order.

Payment methods

  • Visa / Mastercard online payment
  • Bank transfer (for legal entities only)

*  For online payments: You will be charged in Russian roubles, therefore due to the exchange difference, the price in euro that you will be actually charged from your card may be slightly (insignificantly) different.

* For bank transfers: The price is fixed and paid in euro. Bank commission to be paid by the buyer.

Country of origin: Russian Federation


The shipping cost is not included in the game price and is subject to additional payment (around 30 euro per order (not per game) to a European country).

The shipping cost is calculated upon receiving your order.

How to make an order

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  • Send the game author a message saying what games and how many of them you would like to order (for ordering 3 or more games a 10% discount is applied)
  • Should you need a larger number of materials that the basic set provides, you can request for a price calculation for any number of materials you would like to get.
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