Save Face Game

Save Face is a tabletop game for those who are doing or are going to do business with a Chinese partner. 

The Eastern negotiation style and the manner of doing business differ a lot from the Western ones. It is noticed that the Western mind often finds it not easy to adapt to local Asian business practices. The Save Face game raises the most hot-button issues, assists in improving players’ understanding of the Asian mentality and develops specific practical skills for communication with the Chinese. 



The Save Face game is good to:

  • Improve players’ understanding of the Eastern mentality
  • Develop the skills of adapting the Western style of communication to the Chinese one 
  • Open the ability to understand what a Chinese partner may have in mind when it is not communicated explicitly
  • Provide the check-list of hot-button issues that one needs to be aware of when dealing with a Chinese business partner

How it  is played

The game is represented by a playfield with a rotating arrow. There are eight Сhallenge cards lying on the field in the first round, and there is another set of eight Challenge cards for the second round. In the first round one of the players rotates the arrow and takes the Сhallenge card that the arrow will stop at. The player reads the task or question on the card and is trying to answer it. There is also a set of face cards (8 happy ones – Saved faces, and 8 sad ones – Lost faces) that the facilitator gives to the players depending on how successful they are with the task. 

The first round of the game reveals the hot-button issues that one needs to be aware of when dealing with a Chinese business partner (like saving face, indirect communication style, etc.). It is actually a facilitator’s plan of the content they need to deliver to the group in any form. After the content is delivered, the second set of challenge cards is played. The game is best played in a group of 8-12 people, but can be adapted to more upon facilitator’s creative solution. 

What’s in the box

  • A beautifully designed playfield with a rotating arrow
  • 8 challenge cards for the first round 
  • 8 challenge cards for the second round
  • 16 face cards
  • A guideline, tips and answers for the facilitator

Your Save Face game is produced upon order. It is available in English for international buyers for out-of-Russia use only. Other language versions of the game can be created upon request. 


Price: 250 euro

Special price: 225 euro is valid for this game when you purchase three different games in one order.


Payment methods

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Country of origin: Russian Federation



The shipping cost is not included in the game price and is subject to additional payment (around 30 euro per order (not per game) to a European country).

The shipping cost is calculated upon receiving your order.


How to make an order

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