Diversity Space Meeting

"Diversity Space Meeting" is a bestseller among the IIGT products, intended for culturally diverse teams and classes

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Diversity Space Meeting by Maria Todosiychuk

This board game invites a multicultural team to experience a space journey towards each other in order to learn more about each other’s cultural background as well as individuality. Each player being an Alien in this game, starts their flight from a Planet of their choice towards the Sun, and crosses a number of zones that determine the mood of the game actions. During the game, the players will Contact other Aliens, answer Questions from the Universe, discover Skeletons in the Airlock, dive into Emotional Stardust, clean up the Space Debris, experience Gravity by Tradition and many other things in a cosmic setting of this game which fosters Universal love and inclusion.

Diversity Space Meeting game

This game is perfect for multicultural teams, classes, or other groups of culturally diverse players. It can be used by intercultural educators, HRs at international companies, Leaders of culturally diverse teams, in order to raise awareness of inclusivity and bring team members closer together. The game can also be played without a facilitator by a diverse team on its own.

Unlike other games on this web-site, this one does not require a professional interculturalist to facilitate it. No special intercultural knowledge is required. The offline version can be conducted by anyone in the role of facilitator or can be played by a group of up to 6 people on their own. If you would like to conduct it for a larger audience, it is possible!!! 

Diversity Space Meeting is good to:

  • let the team get to know each other much better than they do
  • create stronger connections among the team members
  • raise intercultural awareness and the sense of inclusivity in a diverse group
  • correct negative attitudes and assumptions towards people who are “different”
  • improve communications in the team and its productivity!

What's in the box

The beautifully designed set of materials includes:

    • A playfield
    • 6 Alien tokens for individual players
    • 6 Spaceship tokens for groups of players
    • A Space Dice
    • 63 question cards (Question from the Universe, Emotional Stardust, Skeleton in the Airlock, Contact the Alien) which will open up your team in full and will create a fantastic get-to-really-know-me effect!
    • 10 copies of Space Debris Map
    • Rules
    • Online materials for virtual facilitation


Your Diversity Space Meeting game is produced upon order. It is available in English for international buyers for out-of-Russia use only. Other language versions of the game can be created upon request.
Diversity Space Meeting game shippable worldwide


250 euro per box + online version for free!

Special Price

225 euro, valid for this game when you purchase three different games in one order

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It was such a pleasure seeing you at the SIETAR conference! I thoroughly enjoyed your game – so creative and so well done!
Shannon Murphy Robinson
Diversity & Inclusion, Cultural Agility Consultant, Neuroscience of Inclusion
Well done! I’m a fan. Having tried it as a participant and a trainer, was delighted by how quickly the game shifted our experience and allowed us to view culture from a much wider vantage point. Space! Many Thank you for your contributions and authenticity.
Katherine King
Interculturalist, Professor, Filmmaker
This was an excellent activity to really connect people. I was surprised how deep our spaceship team was able to go in such a short time. Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to using with my multicultural teams.
Julia Gaspar-Bates
President, Intercultural Alliances, LLC
Thanks so much! It’s always exciting and inspiring to see how people are managing to adapt awesome in-person games to awesome online ones. Thanks for sharing it with us. I loved the idea of speaking as aliens from fictitious planets but with non-fictitious facts. Works really nicely.
This game is very engaging, fun, and has a true potential for deep learning. It can be good for teams to come back and revisit the process regularly.
Tatyana Fertelmeyster
Founder and Principal, Connecting Differences, LLC
It was easy to forge connections through the game with people I had not met before. We had some real human (alien) moments of emotion and fun!
Ingmar Pack
Maria, that was an excellent "Diversity Space Meeting Game" you hosted at the SIETAR USA conference. Very impressive. Fantastic. Nice work. Inspiring.
Don Rutherford
It was really fun, innovative and insightful. Well done!
Yuko Deneuville
This was a great re-framing of interacting with people from different cultures. Hugely insightful and works well in either face to face or remote venues!
Raymond Kimball
Academy Professor, US Military Academy
I loved the metaphors used with the aliens and the planets. It created a distancing that made it easier to share about our differences. I am curious now to learn more about the “aliens” with whom I travelled.
Staci Block
Director of Creative Interventions, Professor of Social Work, USA
It was great to share ideas with aliens from all over the universe in a funny and creative way and it was wonderful how we could do it online. I felt like I was not online 🙂
Great, safe way to get to know people on a deeper level without bias. Lots of fun and very insightful. Wonderful game for diverse groups. Who does not want to be an anonymous alien?
Nicki van Campenhout
Great game. Very well designed game. The transition from one step to another is smooth. Thank you!
Learning without bias! and enjoy looking at yourself and others with different “alien eyes”, thank you very much for your invitation to play in space.
This would make a great game to get people to introspect about their own culture, and to listen to someone else explain theirs. Loved it!