The Global Team

The GLOBAL TEAM educational game is a brand-new tool for intercultural eductors, cultural diversity, DEI and D&I professionals, trainers and coaches.

The Global Team educational game by Maria Todosiychuk
The Global Team game
The Earth is on the brink of extinction. A few survivors from different parts of the globe meet to combine efforts and develop a strategy to save the Planet.
Not only are the survivors different, but they are also superheroes with their own unique superpowers and individual vulnerabilities, which makes working as a team a little complicated.​
Will they find their way as a team, agree about the strategy, and save the Planet?

The Global Team game is made in a box version and in a virtual version. It is available in English for international buyers for out-of-Russia use only. Other language versions of the game can be created upon request.

The Global Team is good to:​

  • reveal and play through the challenges of working in a diverse team
  • give players an idea of how it feels to communicate and work at a task with people of different mentalities and work styles
  • teach intercultural sensitivity, empathy and agility in action


What's in the box:

The beautifully designed set of materials for 20 players includes:

  •  20 Superhero Instructions (5 characters)
  • 20 Superpower Cards
  • 20 Superhero Badges
  • 20 Secret Envelopes
  • 4 Sandglasses
  • Animated Facilitator Presentation
  • Facilitator Guide
The Global Team game for interculturalists by Maria Todosiychuk

What's in the virtual version:

The  Global Team virtual materials are made in Google slides, the mechanic of the game adapted to Zoom desktop version. The online game can be played with up to 36 players. For playing it with a larger group, contact the author.

  • Superhero Toolkit (5 characters)
  • Big Brother Toolkit (non-playing character)
  • Superhero virtual backgrounds (integral part of the game mechanic)
  • Fascinating Facilitator Presentation
  • Facilitator Guide
The Global Team virtual game


Box version

250 euro + delivery

Virtual version

180 euro

Bundle of both

330 euro + delivery

Special Price

225/159/299 euro will be applied accordingly, if there are more than 3 games in your order.

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Payment methods

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  • For other options, please inquire


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Country of origin: Russian Federation

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The shipping cost is calculated upon receiving your order

How to make an order

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This was a great game! It was interactive, clear, engaging without being overwhelming, and had a good balance between activity and built in reflection. The graphics were really well done. The group was small, but that made it even more effective. I will definitely take this away with me as another activity I can do with my students.
Loved the game! Learning available on the topic of sustainability as well as the role play aspects of different preferences,values and communication styles. Well done and nice job debriefing as well!
Amazing session! Playful, with great learning and outcomes! Great use of technology too. A 100% winning session
What an interesting, well-constructed game. I enjoyed the team dynamics and how thoughtfully the debriefs were.
It was an interesting game. It gave me ideas for ways to approach discussing controversial topics in a fun safe environment
One of the best educational games for the D&I context I have ever played! Very nice design and really working mechanic. Great job!