Diversity Space Meeting ONLINE

Diversity Space Meeting is a cosmic diversity&inclusion board game for multicultural teams and classes. Available both offline and online!

Diversity Space Meeting by Maria Todosiychuk

Adapted for online use, it can be facilitated via Zoom or a similar platform that allows to set up multiple breakout rooms with fixed groups of participants.

The online version can be played with up to 45 players from all over the world or from the same team or class. Since it is a diversity and inclusion game, the only condition that this game requires is that it is played in as culturally diverse team as possible (not for monocultural groups). 

Diversity Space Meeting ONLINE is perfect for multicultural teams, classes, or other groups of culturally diverse players. It can be used by intercultural educators, HRs at international companies, Leaders of culturally diverse teams, in order to raise awareness of inclusivity and bring team members closer together.

Diversity Space Meeting is good to:

  • let the team get to know each other much better than they do
  • create stronger connections among the team members
  • raise intercultural awareness and the sense of inclusivity in a diverse group
  • correct negative attitudes and assumptions towards people who are “different”
  • improve communications in the team and its productivity! 
Diversity Space Meeting game

What's in the package:

Beautifully designed set of materials, intended for a group of up to 45 players, includes:

  • Facilitator’s deck of slides with the rules and scenario
  • Players’ deck of slides with the playfield, moveable tokens, and the game activities
  • Technical and Facilitator guidelines
  • Zoom session  with the author and the author’s unlimited support 
  • 125-euro discount for the box version if you decide to upgrade your purchase.

Price and Payment

  • 125 euro for the virtual package
  • VISA/MarsterCard/Apple Pay/Google Pay

*  Please kindly note that you will be charged in Russian roubles, therefore due to the exchange difference, the price in euro that you will be actually charged from your card may be slightly (insignificantly) different.

How to make an order

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