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Diverse teams create the best and the most innovative results. You've heard this so many times already, right? But in order to let a multicultural team work really this way, you need to tune them up to help overcome mental barriers, biases, prejudices, misunderstanding and lack or trust caused by cultural differences...

The Russian Higher School of Economics conducted a survey to find out if cultural training had any impact on a team’s creativity. They took three teams for comparison: two multicultural teams and one monocultural Russian team. All of the teams got the same creative task, but only one of the two multicultural teams had been trained in intercultural intelligence. What do you think the results were in terms of creativity measured? 

The highest creative result was delivered by the multicultural team who had had the intercultural training. Ok, that was obvious. But who was the second one? Surprisingly or not, but the second place was taken by the monocultural team. The multicultural team who hadn’t been trained showed the worst results in this competition. Now, why do you think an untrained multicultural team was worse than the other two

Diversity Space Meeting Game

is a great solution for multicultural teams to boost productivity and creativity via breaking cultural barriers, raising trust and fostering inclusion in just one game session!

Diversity Space Meeting works well for:

  • letting the team get to know each other much better than they do
  • creating stronger connections among the team members
  • raising intercultural awareness and the sense of inclusivity in a diverse group
  • correcting negative attitudes and assumptions towards people who are “different”
  • improving communications in the team and their productivity!

Stop losing time and money while your multicultural team is having issues with mutual understanding, poor communications and distrust!

Diversity Space Meeting game

Here is an option for you!

  • Diversity Space Meeting Game is available with or without an Intercultural Intelligence Training. 
  • It can be conducted offline or online.
  • You can have it conducted and debriefed in the most authentic way by the author of the game!
  • You will get full refund if your team don’t like it!

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